Gatorskin (700 x 28 C)

Continental Gatorskin
(700 x 28 C)

Recommended Pressure: 95 psi
Maximum Pressure: 116 psi

Gatorskin Tyre
The Reptile

Continental Gatorskin tyres (Cycling Weekly)

MFR: 0121228
H2: C1010428
Made in Germany


Fixing the Flat

I don’t know how to fix a flat. Any effort makes matters worse.

Recently, the tubes hove slow leaks – nothing obvious. Pump it up might be enough for today, though you may be racing home on a deflating tire

This morning, removed the wheel, took the tube off the rim and no leak was apparent. Remounted the tire, inflated the tube and noticed a BULGE near the stem. Remounted the tire and it was a little better, but a bump developed on the ride to work.

Stopped and observed a growing bulge

3 Bikes, 6 Wheels, 3 Tubes


Which Tube do you carry in the repair kit

Fixing a Flat

Flat Tire Advice:

Pre-Ride Inspection

Pre-Ride Inspection Checklist

A Checklist To Have The Most Perfect Bike Ride EVER

Bikes on the METRA

METRA is the commuter rail division of the Regional Transportation Authority of the Chicago metropolitan area
Bikes are permitted on the METRA, provided they are properly secured, subject to restrictions:
-No Bikes Permitted during busy hours of morning and evening commute
-Bikes may be restricted at conductors discretion and availablility of handicapped seating

Bikes on Trains

Furthermore, bicycles may be restricted during special events, including
St. Patricks Day Parade
Taste of Chicago
Air and Water Show
(and other Special Events, such as Blackhawks Stanley Cup Rally)

Dropping the Chain

When the chain falls off my fixed gear bicycle, it’s exciting
because it is only a matter seconds before the chain seizes, becomes immobile
and locks the back tire into a skid

There are several causes for the chain to loosen and fall off the gear wheels (thus dropping a chain)
1) the chain could expand
2) the front gear could be cracked or loose
3) the rear gear could be loose or insecure, or
4) the rear axle has shifted or slipped

Danger Zone Trail Light

PDW (Portland Design Works)


I don’t know why, but we are an inclined to retrieve abandoned property
(and of course, we lose favorite items ourselves, every year)

Items on the road or path catch our eye during a ride or a run

One of our favorites is a magnificent bike light, found on the way back from Oak Park
(a great bicycling city)
Not only did we find something, but we discovered a great product

The PDW Danger Zone Trail Light
-Small, but rugged and substantial
-2 AAA Batteries
-A Variety of Settings

It was free
It was not affected by marketing, or some purchase gratification
It is a Great Product

And a Treasured Possession

Cycling in Ireland

it’s tough to find bicycle routes online which aren’t associated with bike touring packages

Six Great Cycle Routes around Ireland

Ireland Cycle Routes

Biking in Ireland