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Repair Log

Saturday, May 4th 2019

Flat Front Tire
Discovered after Breakfast on Diversey
Rode home with Bike on Front of Bus

Putted Out Glass
Removed Gator Tire
Inserted Tube, inflated minimally
Replaced Tire (the critical procedure)
Patience and replacing each side of tire onto wheel
No Tools, Just Thumbs, Keep Pulling Out Slack
Pushing with Thumbs over the Rims

Then Trued the Wheel
Secret: Feel for Loose Spokes

Keep Tires Inflated
Keep Chain Lubricated
Keep Brakes Clean

Flat Tire

An annoying sound, a rhythmic noise, maybe a rubbing
(pfft, pfft, pfft)
Something is wrong with the tire

Stop, pull-over and inspect for obvious wearing or rubbing of the tire

Later the tire handles funny over bumps
and eventually, the tire shows signs of being under-inflated

And now you have a problem
A closer look shows several instances of glass lodged in the tire
(some instances fairly deep)

How do you get home?
It is a long walk
Take the train

Take the Bus! If it has a bike rack
And it does

And now to fix the flat
Get the Tire Off
Find the Right Tube
Then get the Tire On
(without puncturing the tube)

Maybe true the wheel

Then check to see that it stays inflated


We have found that most accidents can be partially attributed to us, the biker
By being a defensive bikers, we avoid accidents that would have been the fault of the car.

Sometimes the Bike absorbs the impact

Car hits me from behind around Wrigley Field before a Cubs game. A very bad area to drive in at this time, when out-of-towners are looking for parking. I cut out in front of a car and they bumped me from behind. The bike took all the impact although I was also thrown. The wheel took the impact, but couldn’t be trued. The bike eventually died.

Riding home at night during a rainstorm, I opted to ride the sidewaldk but misjudged the presence of a cut-out ramp in the curb, and just hit curb. The front fork took the impact and the brake cables tightened.

Sometimes the Body absorbs the impact

Taxi Car Door opens clips our hand between the 4th and 5th digit and may have required hand surgery if I wasn’t wearing my bike gloves

Crossing another bridge, the tire falls into a gap between the grates. At the end of this gap (or crevice) in the grate, the bike abruptly stops and I go over the handlebars. Which allowed me to purchase my first fixed-gear bike as a replacement.

Roller Blader steps out in front of me, I fall and slide, my chin bumps the bike trail twice. Eight stitches required in chin and a fractured mandible (fractured, but not displaced)

Car door opens (the extra long 2-door kind) and strikes my shin. Eventually my toes start to turn blue and I go to the emergency room for antibiotics. I still have a hard piece of scarring beneath the skin on my shin.

Crossing bridge on a wet day and passing another bicycle. When I turn onto the steel surface, I slide. The elbow comes down on the grating of the bridge requiring many stitches on my elbow.

Here are some other bike accidents, that we can learn from:

Driving a New York Citibike too fast in the rain

Fixing the Flat

I don’t know how to fix a flat. Any effort makes matters worse.

Recently, the tubes hove slow leaks – nothing obvious. Pump it up might be enough for today, though you may be racing home on a deflating tire

This morning, removed the wheel, took the tube off the rim and no leak was apparent. Remounted the tire, inflated the tube and noticed a BULGE near the stem. Remounted the tire and it was a little better, but a bump developed on the ride to work.

Stopped and observed a growing bulge

3 Bikes, 6 Wheels, 3 Tubes


Which Tube do you carry in the repair kit

Fixing a Flat

Flat Tire Advice:

Pre-Ride Inspection

Pre-Ride Inspection Checklist

A Checklist To Have The Most Perfect Bike Ride EVER